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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Confidence Games

Hey, here's an easy game you can play. It's called Lie or No Lie. Just turn on your radio or TV. Or go out and about on your daily rounds. Listen carefully to the words spoken either to you, or to others. Then silently ask yourself - "lie or no lie?" You may be surprised by the results. Repeat and enjoy.


  1. Excellent! Today's game!

  2. I'm generally the one spreading the lies. That's not true. I seldom lie. No, wait...I often lie. Is kidding akin to lying? I enjoy kidding. Sometimes kidding around becomes a grand scheme, then it becomes so large that it seems like truth. Is that the line between lying and kidding? My kids can grow to enormous proportions. My son is 6'4" and only 14 years old. Do you believe that? It may be true. It's mostly true. He is 14 but he's closer to 6'4" and a half.

    What was I talking about?


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