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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Pure Energy

The Lovely Carla and I go to a coffee shop two blocks from our apartment. We usually go for an afternoon latte fix. There is a kid there (anyone under thirty seems like a "kid" to me now), named Jonathan, who is a true artist in the making of a latte. He tops off his exquisite creations with a little foam and coffee sculpture, usually a leaf. It's truly an amazing feat, plus hands down, the best latte you've ever tasted.

Anyway, one day not long ago, Carla and I were having a conversation with Jonathan as he conjured up another amazing coffee creation. We talked about the state of the world, the future, etc. As we were leaving, Jonathan said to Carla, "well, it's all over in 2012, that's when we become pure energy."

Jonathan was referring to the prediction of the Mayan calendar. You can find more about that here. It seems the Mayans calculated that 2012 is gonna be the big party of parties! Now for some reason, hearing these words just made me so damn happy. "Pure energy" sounds so good. I've been feeling optimistic and happy ever since. I don't have one lick of evidence to back it up, but for some reason it totally resonates with me.

I do think we are in a really dark time. Human beings are very resistant to change, and we live in a sea of change, and well, sometimes it also all seems to be accelerating, which can be sort of disconcerting, makes us cling even more to some imagined sense of stability. But hell the planet is rocking and rolling, the galaxy is spinning. We're on a goddamn circus wheel and the wheel keeps on turning!

So whether the Mayans had a clue about any of this, frankly who the fuck knows? But it's New Years Day. And this day has never happened before. And this moment is unique, and the next one and one after that too. So I guess anything is possible. No matter what, I think we are all in for a wild ride. Look out here comes 2008!

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