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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Kick Out the Jams

It's minus 2 degrees this morning in the heartland. It's the kind of morning where you wonder just exactly why does one choose to live in a place where sub-zero temperatures are a reality. Maybe there's something about being in touch with the shadow side of things, in this case, the shadow side of weather?

There are the temperate zones where this kind of cold madness is not known. Maybe being in touch with the madness is some kind of test, to survive it, is some kind of accomplishment. Then again, maybe not. So anyway, here's the MC5, not sure why I thought of these guys, they're from Ann Arbor, Michigan, they were managed by John Sinclair one of the founders of the "White Panthers." Maybe their brand of rock and roll anarchy just warms my heart, and any kind of warmth is appreciated. So, click on the video and "kick out the jams brothers and sisters!"

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  1. I feel for your cold! I love Chicago, when it gets to 50 degrees, people put on shorts and flip flops. When it gets to 50 out here in the land of LA, they put on winter coats and scarves and complain that it's cold. A never ending source of amusement for me.


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