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Sunday, September 04, 2005

"A Working Class Hero is something to be..." - J. Lennon

I'm in a self-induced fog this morning, too many Belgian Ales for one SunnyJimmy. We had a Free Henry Goodbar, Telepath get together last night, ate crabcakes and watched the DVD of the show...I believe a good time was had by all.

Not thinking clearly this morning, but I found this cruising the web, I think it sums up the state of the union quite nicely, so here's the "cut and paste": "Katrina the aftermath is payback time for decades of stupidity, greed, pillage, racism," writes Alexander Cockburn at Counterpunch. "My thought is that the tempo towards catastrophe really picked up in the Reagan era. That's when the notion of this society being in some deep sense a collective effort, pointed towards universal human betterment the core of the old Enlightenment went onto the trash heap."

"Once you stop believing in universal betterment, you stop investing in social defenses, like health care, or flood control. You build your shining condo on the hill, put a fence round it, and cancel the local bus service so the poor can't get at you..."

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