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Monday, September 26, 2005

The Conversation

Disclaimer: This post was NOT written in a midnight haze of cannabis!

If you go with the idea of a "genetic code," the sequence of "letters" (the letters represent strings of chemical compounds) in our DNA which is manifested as "us," (our bodies, our beings), is it much of a leap to think of ourselves as an extended sentence, one that is written out in the course of our existence?

Now, we can read the sentence literally, but as life goes on, one begins to suspect that there is more than just a literal meaning to it all. The sentence may seem meaningless, but that's only if you read it literally. The sentence (our physical manifestation, our life) is actually a metaphor - "a figure of speech in which a term that ordinarily designates an object or idea is used to designate a dissimiliar object or idea." Meaning resides in the dissimiliar object or idea. We are searching FOR THAT...!?

Can a "figure of speech," comprehend the dissimiliar object or idea that it is, by analogy, pointing to? Is that what we mean when we talk about our "human condition?" If we are a figure of speech, is the universe the conversation, the converser? Does the conversation require a converser? Is the manifested universe just an inspired rant? Was that rant, fueled by some hallucingenic compound, that inspired the incredibly profound and overwhelming out-pouring of life we are and are immersed in? "In the beginning was the word..." Was that first word "WOW!"

UPDATE: The Lovely Carla just reminded me that "WOW," upside down is "MOM." Dig it.

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