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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

"The Salt of the Earth." - Jagger & Richards

There's something to be said for minimalism. I'm thinking of artists like Sol Le Witt, his use of line and color, and Robert Irwin, his use of light and space. And also, Keith Richards (the real Pirate of the Carribean). The Cadaverous Keith is a true rock and roll master, some of his riffs and licks are indelibly etched in rock and roll history. Listen to his guitar on "Beggars Banquet," "Let it Bleed," "Sticky Fingers," and "Exile on Main Street." Some of the best rock and roll guitar music you will ever hear.

Keith has played with some other fine musicians, including guitarists like Brian Jones, Mick Taylor and Ron Wood. In many ways, Mick Taylor, who played for a short stint with the Stones was the best pure guitarist of the bunch. I came across this quote from Keith about Mick Taylor, and I think it says alot about rock and roll, art, and yes, even life:

"The thing is with a musician as fluid as Mick (Taylor) it's hard to keep their interest. They get bored - especially in such a restricted and limited music as rock and roll. But for me, that's the whole facination with rock and roll and the blues - the MONOTONY of it, the limitations of it, and seeing how far you can take those restrictions and come up with something new."

And isn't this our daily task too? To push against the limitations, the monotony, to find something new, to play these human notes and chords on our humble instruments, to make a music uniquely our own, to find a joyful noise that has never been heard before, and to let it RING OUT!?!

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