Vote Blue 2020

Vote Blue 2020

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Open Heart, Open Mind - Facts.

Reading the news of the day. Sometimes I just don't know what to think. So many competing narratives. So much bullshit. You realize there are folks trying hard to confuse us all. So many lies, so many liars, so many folks trying to muddy the waters. In times like this, best to keep an open mind, and open heart, to sift through the evidence, to test ideas, to question theories, to keep your bullshit detector on and ready to go. There are bad actors who see the advantage of keeping us all confused all the time. Disinformation, it's a political strategy. Take a breath. Clear your head. Sift through the B.S. Maybe grab another cup of coffee. We all have to be a bit like "Joe Friday," you know, "Just the facts, Ma'm." I believe in truth. I believe in facts. I do believe we can make it through. Clear-headed.

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