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Friday, April 06, 2018

Stupid. Yes. But Maybe Not that Stupid?!

Note: Even is his hair is a ridiculous, improbable fraud. Amusing. I also take it as an enlightening little metaphor...

Yes. We are stupid. Check out the headlines. Every day. But, me-thinks, we aren't as stupid as our stupidly stupid President thinks we are. I mean, there must be a limit to our stupidity. Hopefully it is not a bottomless well.

For instance, few of us are so stupid that we believe that Little Baby Man's lawyer, unbeknownst to Little Baby Man, paid $130,000.00 to an Adult Film Actress (Think: Porn Star), from his own account, to keep her from talking about a sexual liaison that didn't happen right before the 2016 election, in the wake of the "grab them by the pussy" audiotape. AND, this meatball lawyer never told Little Baby Man that he paid of this woman off with hush money for an event that never happened!

Either our Stupid Little Baby Man President is lying, or his thuggish, meatball lawyer is lying. Or I mean, of course, they are both lying. Little Baby Man is pleading complete ignorance (not a surprise), and his thuggish, meatball lawyer is telling the world that he paid of the Porn Star from his own pocket, for his own unexplainable reasons.  None of this makes a lick of sense.

I mean, yes, we are stupid, and gullible, and easily fooled, but maybe, just maybe not that stupid, gullible and easily fooled. Is this important? Well, in another time and place it would probably have destroyed a political candidate's career, but we are now in a such a different time and place it doesn't seem to have quite the same consequences. We are a lot more stupid. Stupider. And I guess most of us are not surprised that Little Baby Man is a sleazy liar.

Still if our stupid Little Baby Man President would lie about something as stupid as this, I mean, if he's so confident and stupid to try to put over such a stupid, unbelievable lie, which all can see is a lie, well, just how damn stupid does he think we all are? Pretty stupid.

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