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Sunday, April 29, 2018

Free, Like the Birds and Bees...

This morning I go to the Great Google and ask "Where did money come from?" I get this, the "History of Money." I start to read it, but then, you know, I don't really care. I mean, my heart is just not into it. Bartering. Accounting. Tallying. Medium of Exchange. Yikes. Whatever.

I don't really care about money. Some times I've had it. Some times not. I'm"not good with money." There have times in my life when the money flowed to me fairly easily. And other times when I could hardly squeeze out a dime. I've had money in the bank, and also scraped along, living on smoke and mirrors.

My people didn't come from money. Our family never had wealth to hand down through the ages. I am not stingy, or a good saver, I'm not prudent. I think of money as just another energy. And not that important to me, except, of course, I want to make the rent, have enough for food and to spend on things I want to spend on.

I am not extravagant. I don't crave luxury. I don't use money as an ego-burnisher. I don't think it's what makes the world go round. Instead, I'd vote for love, art, music, poetry, creativity, compassion, empathy, heart, beauty. I do think the best things in life are free.  Just like the birds and bees.

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