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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

The Intersection Between Reality and Imagination!

Yes, I suppose it's not surprising that a movie about Nick Cave and his 20,000 Days on Earth would be a cool, amazing, strange, inspiring trip. It's a "musical psycho-drama!" I was surprised that the movie was so intimate, gets so up close and personal, delves deep into Nick and his life, his working method, the thoughts inside his head. The movie explores the intersection between "reality and imagination" of one of our great artists.
20,000 Days on Earth - official trailer from Iain & Jane on Vimeo.

Nick Cave and Warren Ellis are two mad alchemists who specialize in thunder and lightening. There is a bit of mad wizardry in their method and in their results. Always compelling, intriguing, "transformational." Watch these two men perform live and you can't help thinking: "These guys are Warlocks!" Maybe a bit of black and white magic.

I always thought that if Edgar Allan Poe ever decided to reincarnate, he would come back as an Australian rock and roller very similar to Nick Cave. He'd end up fronting bands like The Bad Seeds and Grinderman. And why not?!

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