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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Recovered Poem!

I don't remember writing this poem. I don't doubt that I did. Sort of sounds like me. I found it when one our external disks crashed and I ran a recovery program. It was one of the "lost files." So weird. I do not remember writing these words. A voice, a sequence of words, lost and then found. Kind of like a message in a bottle (in this case, a message in a malfunctioning hard-drive) from a past-self.  A poem finds life amongst the "recovered files."

A Poem to Silence

a friend…
maybe our only friend…
we fill the silence
and find the stillness in the silence

our hand holds a lamp 
and the center of the lamp
is a sun

the light is consuming
it’s fluid and iridescent

it lights up everything

the light is not our friend
it is a force beyond us

the light shows 
a universe 
fluid and alive

it shows us a snake, 
long and wriggling
slippery, unknowable

we are left with words

and words
are little things
paltry, misleading

words are betrayers
they betray us at every breath

we speak the moment
we speak the world
we speak the lie

or grasp the silence with both hands
and pray without words

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