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Friday, October 20, 2017

Barbarity and Stupidity!


descriptively to refer to certain codes of conduct put forward by a society or a group (such as a religion), or accepted by an individual for her own behavior, or

normatively to refer to a code of conduct that, given specified conditions, would be put forward by all rational persons.

Yeah. I have always been a bit leery of folks who talk about "morality." Usually, it means that they have some ideas they want to impose on other folks. Lately though, even just simple codes of conduct seem to be under assault. Powerful people show no concern for any morality or code except, whatever is good for them.

Man, if you have a whole society or group living by that code, barbarity and stupidity seem to reign supreme. Yes, that's not bad, the Age of Barbarity and Stupidity. Fits. So what to do? Try to be smart, humble, lean to the light. Call out the bullshit and lies. Maybe this assault on "political correctness" is really a rallying cry to be stupid. Let's not be stupid!

Maybe that can be the counter-movement! Let's Not Be Stupid!

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