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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Life Out of Context!

Life out of context. Social good. Social harm. Unintended consequences. I do think the Internet & Facebook are altering our lives in ways we do not even realize. Certainly not all for the good. Aye there's the rub.

We live in the age of snark, we live in the age of "surfing." We are all one-click away from everything. Maybe that isn't really a new kind of paradise, but some snarky, surfing over everything kind of hell? Clicking our way to meaninglessness? This new culture of life out of context has been devastating for the old music business model. And for those who consume music. Now, everything is a click away, and just worth one click.

And from the evidence, our last election was basically swamped by Russian influence and disinformation. Information flooding our consciousness out of context. Couldn't have happened in the old world model.

This is pretty interesting, and seems oh so true...

"Listening to music, or for that matter making social connections, is a lot easier and more seamless than ever before. But what we’ve done is strip away a lot of the social context and broader meaning surrounding those connections, in part because we no longer need music to signal our aspirations and our social standing. Musical forms such as punk, heavy metal, indie rock and folk music run the risk of being turned into historical artifacts, mostly disconnected from their original roles in bringing people together and marking the formation of common cultural bonds. As with the Russian propaganda, that too is a problem of missing social context."

There is something to be said for going out and buying a vinyl record, or a CD. Committing to the music. Bringing it home. Listening intently. Making a firm choice. Investing something with our attention. Gives it all more meaning. Choosing wisely. Sort of defines us by the choices and commitments we make. There is something about being selective of the news of the world. There is something about context. Integrating things in our own real world. 

This new social media heaven is also a sort of hell. We have gained something and lost something. Wonder if the somethings add up, cancel each other out or subtract much more than we gain? Who knows?

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