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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

A Life of Fakery!

Someone hit me with this one, and it's resonated around in my head for awhile. I mean I've heard it before, but the conversation where it popped up was such an unlikely circumstance, I was down and out, staring at the abyss...

"Fake it till you make it." 

You know, it's a "positive feedback loop." Act like the thing you want to be, and in that way, you will become the thing you want to be.

I think about it, and well, much of my life has been faking it. No one told me I could be a writer, actor, director, song-writer, singer, guitar player. I just decided these were things I wanted to do.

I started doing them. And continued doing them. I faked my way through.

Now some folks may say it's all fakery. Still. But my life has been consumed with pursuing these things of fakery until finally my life is made of all these fake things. And it's a genuine life. A real, genuine pursuit.

A complete and convincing (at least to me), fakery.

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