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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Creative Ambiguity!

I like this one - "Creative ambiguity, Scottish independence and sudden death."  Creative (ability to make new things or think new ideas), ambiguity (something that doesn't have a clear meaning).

Maybe it's sometimes a good thing to have a "trapdoor," a zone of "unclearness," or "unclarity." Maybe a definitive "yes" or "no" is not such a good thing. Maybe a definitive "maybe" or "sometimes this," and "sometimes that" is the best answer!

I'm not taking a stand on Scottish independence.  I'm in the camp of "Let's see what the Crazy Monkeys do next." 

But what about this...

"Many partnerships and marriages rely on creative ambiguity too.  Should the Beatles have forced Lennon and McCartney to specify who had the final say over each cut?  That probably would have led to a split in 1968 and there would be no Abbey Road. "

No "Abbey Road?!" Incomprehensible!

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