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Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Rose-Colored Glasses

Heard this NPR radio story yesterday.  Seems we over-estimate positive results and under-estimate negative results.  Hell that seems to be my whole life imperative.  Yes, I see life through rose-colored glasses.  I think it's probably the only way to get out of bed, to give anything a try.  

Now this may not be "realistic," but that kind of realism seems like a buzz-kill.  Yes there are risks, yes, there are negative outcomes in the future, yes, I may be setting myself up for disappointment and disillusionment.  But that's OK. I just have to re-adjust those rose-colored glasses every once in awhile. 

I mean, I think we need to try to see things clearly, but nothing wrong with a tint of rose...

 That's life baby.  It's beautiful, right?

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