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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Heads Would Roll!

Syd Barrett is loved, revered and considered to be a very influential figure for a generation of singer-songwriters.  Roger Waters the bass player in Syd's old band, not so much.  But over the years, you must marvel at Waters career, there's no doubt Pink Floyd made some fantastic albums with Waters at the helm, and his post-Floyd work is also ambitious and interesting.

Waters is supposedly a complete control freak, and very difficult when it comes to the creative process.  It might not be a lot of fun being in a band with him.  But no doubt he is a driven artist with a strong mind and vision.  There is a deep rage that fuels Water's work.  Rage that he lost his father to a war, rage against the state, and the state of the world. Fear and loathing (of self, of others) is upfront and prominent in the mind of Mr. Waters. Much of his work is bitterly anti-authoritarian,  sarcastic, cutting and prophetic. He has created a slew of grand concept albums perfect for our dystopian times

"The Wall" is an over the top spectacle.  A very personal diatribe blown up to stadium-sized proportions.  It's more opera than rock.  It's sort of dazzling, amazing and repellant too.  Waters is one of those radical socialists, on the one hand his heart seems to be in the right place, and on the other, you are glad he's not a politician, or someone running a country.  He puts on the guise of a strutting strongman, and it's convincing.  One thinks, if he was in charge,  the swift blade of justice would be wielded, and for sure, heads would roll!

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