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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Great, Shiny Beast

We have built this great, shiny beast with our minds, our hands, our bodies.  It's a loud, dominating force.  And it's dying.  We are inside it, a small part of the greater whole.  Like a tiny cell of a large organ.  The beast carries us along, even as it consumes us.  We are sheltered by it and overwhelmed by it. We can't step out of it, although, we can imagine being outside the beast, we imagine living on different terms, but it's only imagination.  Imagining doesn't make it so. We are embedded deep inside the body of the beast. We can't actually live outside the beast. We come and go, and the beast goes on.  We are bounded by our own bodies, the beast is bounded by all of us added together. The beast is organic, but it's other-worldly too. Alien.  Pre-historic.  Post-historic.  Never-ending, even as it slowly, violently dies.  It's going through it's death throes now.  The process is unrelenting, over-powering and goes on for a very, very long time.

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