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Sunday, August 28, 2011

We Rocked, We Soared, We Played to the Trees!

Our band, Whitewolfsonicprincess (one word!) played a unique show last night. A church picnic on the lakefront! We were accompanied by a raging Lake Michigan. The wind off the lake must of have been whipping at about 20 miles an hour or so.

So anyway, it was sort of like playing in a wind tunnel. We were in a little grove, and we played to the trees! I must say our band was superb! We have gotten tighter and tighter, which means we are looser and looser too. Strange, but true.

We sang and played with total confidence, and a little abandon too. Our little P.A. did an admirable job against the elements. We were happy all around.

I tried out these new guitar strings on my big old acoustic guitar and I am just so pleased with them. They are called Elixirs! They are coated with a thin film of Gore-Tex. Weird. They feel smooth, silky, and supposedly they last longer than normal strings.

I play so hard, when I get into it, I bring lots of passion to my playing and I hit the strings with major force and velocity, think Pete Townsend; and I do have a propensity to break strings. So far the Elixirs have been great. No problems last night! We rocked, we soared, we braved the elements. And weren't intimidated in the least by the Church People!

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