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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Mystic Trinity

How to deal with the post-event blues? Throw yourself head-long into another event! We are working on another night of music dedicated to one of our favorite inspirers. The idea is simple. Pick a musical artist that has a great catalog of songs, and then invite a bunch of solo acts and bands to pick songs to play.

First we did a John Lennon night, then it was Bob Dylan. This time around we have settled on Neil Young. And really for me that is some kind of Mystic Trinity.

I propose it goes like this: Dylan is the Father, (he truly is an Old Testament Character) Lennon is the Son, (the Chosen One, the One who Died for Our Sins) and Neil is the Holy Ghost (he works in mysterious ways combining a shaky, haunting voice with glorious over-driven r&r.)!


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