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Vote Blue 2020

Monday, June 27, 2011

Land of the Blind!

They tell us here in the United States, that we live in a class-less society. We know that's a lie! Of course, that's not unusual, most of what "they tell us," is a lie. The whole convoluted edifice is built on an elaborate architecture of lies.

Once you see the lie, you soon realize you are swimming in lies, an endless stream of lies. Big ones and little ones.

So, of course, contrary to the lie, our society is ruled by a class of people. They are the envied and lauded class. They are the class that pretends that everyone is welcome, but of course that is a lie too.

Much of our politics has devolved into a battle of the classes. And finally the war of the classes is totally out in the open - the rich vs the middle vs the poor. There are no longer any excuses offered, there is no longer any pretending. The rich are shameless, they are squeezing the juice out of the middle class, and the middle class stupidly blames the poorer class. The unfortunate poor are the punching bags for everyone else.

It's happening in plain daylight. Still many people don't even see it. And then there are many who see it and lie about it!

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