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Saturday, June 04, 2011

The Cracker Jack!

Yesterday someone said to me: "You are a Jack of All Trades." And I replied: "Yes, and Master of None." That's what we in vaudeville call a "routine."

It's true I have tried my hand at many trades. I have hustled and schemed. I come from a long line of hustlers and schemers. I wonder, can that kind of thing be passed down through your DNA?

My father had the "gift of gab," and was a hustler par excellence! My uncle, also a legendary conversationalist, was known as "the Artful Dodger."

What happens when you mix a little Irish with a little German and a little Polish? You get a little bit of a mutt. I come from a line of mutts. That is my tribal affiliation. Not exactly White Trash, but sort of white trashy. Kind of a shining example of the great American melting pot experience.

So yes a Jack of All Trades. That would make me The Cracker Jack! And don't you just know there's a surprise lurking somewhere inside the container?!

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  1. The first rule of being a hustler is not to reveal that you're a hustler.

    German, Polish, Lithuanian, I'm a mutt too.


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