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Sunday, August 01, 2010

Tour Diary: Any time, Any place...

I love being able to strap my acoustic guitar to my back, getting on a train with the Lovely Carla and navigating the street-scape to a show. The Elbo Room is all glittery neon; lots of loud, throbbing music greets you at the front door.

We were the musical act in the Upstairs Lounge last night. They've kind of re-arranged things, and now there's actually a little stage - two mics, a plug-in for my acoustic guitar. A classic "low schlepp" gig.

Attendance was sparse. A couple tables of strangers. Which is something we actually hoped for - trying to expand the circle. We gave it our all - we sounded pretty good. We had a few glitches, mainly because I broke two strings. Not sure what's up, either I'm just hitting harder, or maybe the humidity is a factor. I'm thinking of going to heavier gauge strings.

Plus the bands playing downstairs were really loud. Lots of sound bleeding into our intimate space. Made it hard to do the quieter stuff. Still we gave it our best and felt good about our performance. Play anytime, any place - and rock. That's the drill!

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