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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Wild, Free, Haunted

Dogs are sellouts to the humans. It makes sense in a big, cruel, dog eat dog world. We provide the meal ticket, the warm hearth. They provide companionship and loyalty.

Humans can identify with the dogs because they are sellouts too. To the corporation, the company, the state. Any higher power that assures a meal and a warm hearth.

When you come across a "wild dog" for instance a coyote, it's very disturbing. This is a "dog" that "sells out" to no one, to nothing.

I recently spied two of them running across the street, through the park, along the lakefront. Two scrawny, mangy creatures. Lightening fast. Moving, always moving forward. On the run, on the hunt, they seemed determined, wild, free, haunted, alone even if they traveled together.

Free to starve, free to survive with no provider, no big daddy, no friend willing to lend a hand or a morsel of food.

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