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Friday, July 24, 2009

Going Backwards into the Future

Okay, maybe I'm going backwards. I'm big into my iPod and everything. Still, I've been wanting to re-connect my phonograph, and play some of the old vinyl. There's a neighbor down my block who has an amazing analog system. Totally kicks ass.

I do think something gets lost when you convert to digital ones and zeros. There's something about a big, black, vinyl platter, spinning around with a little needle riding the grooves. Maybe it's the materiality of the thing. Still amazes me that moments from another time and place coming blasting out the speakers.

So I ordered up a new needle for the phonograph. Can't wait to get it, pop it in, and start spinning. And those old album covers were an amazing art form, they were the perfect vehicle for separating the seeds and stems.

What next? A rotary phone?


  1. I've got some old 78's of Glen Miller, The Ink Spots, and Nat King Cole that are these priceless pieces of history in my closet. It's like having the bones of artists past, hidden away. Historical relics that few can appreciate.

    When my grandchildren find these fossils, they will be worth cash to them on the eBay of their time. What a damed shame.

  2. god -- so good to hear from you. i was beginning to worry. what with the hiatus and the cutting ideas. hope you are doing well. it might be cool to pull out some of those old 78's and give them a spin...


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