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Friday, June 06, 2008

A Voice in the Pines...

The story goes that a young Buckminster Fuller, mad scientist inventor, famous for the Geodesic Dome, was depressed, nearly bankrupt, had no job, no prospects, with a young wife and daughter, walked by Lake Michigan one morning in 1927, and he considered "offing himself."   

Suddenly, he found himself  suspended several feet about the ground, surrounded by sparkling light.  Time seemed to stand still, and a voice spoke to him.  The voice said: "You do not have the right to eliminate yourself, you do not belong to you.  You belong to Universe." 

Now that's the kind of pep talk we all could use!  I wonder what kind of music Kurt Cobain would be making now, if that same voice would have visited him in that Seattle attic.  Of course, there was still the "Courtney factor," to take into account, but it's hard to deny the SPARKLING LIGHT!

I've always loved Kurt's version of this Leadbelly song...

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  1. I think the light was around that young man for quite some time. Maybe the extracurricular amusements (drugs and fame) dulled the experience for him. I'm sure that Courtney made it difficult to see the light too.

    I never heard/saw this version of the song. He did it justice. He was like that. I don't know what he'd be doing right now, other than hating the paparazzi fueled fame industry. maybe it's best that he's not with us anymore. If he had ended up on a reality show like "Hangin' With the Cobain's," I'd be deeply disappointed. What the hell are we doing today? Frittering away our lives.


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