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Saturday, July 15, 2006


So much of the world seems to be aflame with rage, hatred, racism...whatever outrage you can imagine, will at some time be visited upon one human being by another human being...makes you wonder about human beings...it's amazing and absurd what people will kill and die for: their version of god, their little plot of land, their particular version of a flag, ancient grudges, perceived slights, blood oaths, you name it, all of this and more will be used as justification for pain and death and suffering. You can't ignore it, you can't let it destroy you, you can't pretend that you're above it all (this is sunny's preserve)...in the face of the atrocities all we can do is point to other realities: beauty, love, compassion, humility...in some ways it's such a meager list, but it's all we have to try to pull ourselves together. I've got no answers, I'm trying to do my part to not make the world a harder place than it already is...utimately we are beings equipped with both the love and the hatred, if there is good in the world it resides in us, if there is evil in the world it resides in us, we can live with both, we can try to restrain ourselves, we can see ourselves in the other; those looking back at us with eyes filled with pain and fear, the powerful and the weak...we can strive to be more, or less, the world is so full of the less...

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