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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Death Spiral

It is amazing to see how quickly and easily people (singly and in groups) will resort to violence to solve any problem...many times it seems it is the first resort, not the last (do people really enjoy death and destruction?). It seems that it is easier to kill your enemies (which considering the birth explosion inevitably, multiplies the enemies), than to actually (heaven forbid!), talk to them. This seems to betray a hatred for life...life is sometimes complicated, there seems to be many realities all competing with each other, which makes the world messy and sometimes unfulfilling...so by killing, eliminating alternate views, I guess there are those who think this will make the world a simpler, and more fulfilling place. The Killing Ground...it really does seem so damn misguided...Yoko Ono: "do not attack, do not defend"...(sounds impossible?)...how about "love thine enemies?" Love may be the anwser, but what the hell is the question?

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