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Thursday, August 04, 2005

A Second Skin

I'm back at the Adult Video Shop in Clifden for a quick blog. It's raining today, it's a beautiful gentle kind of rain, feeds the vegetation, the plant life, and the soul. It all feels right. I do believe I've returned to my roots, my ancestral home, blood of my blood. This place, this land, this climate, this Celtic paradise, really feels like a second skin. I feel like I belong here, I've never really felt such peace and groundedness anywhere else in the world. Amazing. I do believe I'm on some kind of spiritual, ancestral, quest. Just being here has changed something inside me.

We had a great day yesterday, just kicking around the town, exploring the hill country, driving down the coast. We are eating well, high on the hog, the salmon is fresh from the river, the potatoes fresh from the ground, the Irish brown bread is delicious and nourishing. Everything has a poetic cast. This is the land of the poets, and you can't help but let a little rub off on you too. We're making our way back to Galway this afternoon, then either we stay the night in Galway, or we hop the train to Dublin. Depends on how amibitious we decide to be. Travelling has it's own tempo and purpose. There's always the next thing, the next place, the next little discovery. It's a good way to live. Alive, in the moment, facing forward, rarely looking back...

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