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Thursday, March 26, 2020

"Are We There Yet?"

"Are we there yet?"

"When will this be over?"

"Are we all gonna get it?"

"When does everything get back to normal?"

"Are we all gonna die?"

"How are we gonna make it?"

"Is anyone in charge?"

"Will we ever be able to gather together in a crowd again?"

"When can we stop thinking/talking about it?"

"Is this all just a bad dream?"

The a.m. soundtrack - "Buena Vista Social Club." (1997). Produced by American guitarist Ry Cooder.  Recorded live in the studio the old-fashioned way. "It should be the thing that sets it apart. It was a kind of club by then. Everybody was hanging out and we had rum and coffee around two in the afternoon. It felt like a club, so let’s call it that." - R. C. You can hear it in the grooves. A blast of classic Cuban standards, played with heart and distinction. "Buena Vista Social Club was meant to bring back the traditional trova and filin, a mellower take on the Cuban son and bolero, as well as the danz√≥n." Recorded under the umbrella of Castro's Cuban, Communist Regime. Pure joy. Pure musicianship. So refreshing. Life-affirming. Groovy. Perfect morning blast of enthusiasm from the "socialist" fringes. Music that makes you think you can make it thru. Viva La Revolution!

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