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Monday, December 01, 2014

Laughter and Food!

Laughter. It's the best medicine. Along with really good food. Both are excellent medicine. 

You should think of laughter as essential to a good life. I mean, genuine, heart-felt, gut-busting laughter. You can't will it, but you must be open to it. And I don't mean that cynical, sarcastic, cutting type laughter. And not the laughing at the poor, or halt, or lame. I'm talking about a generous, robust, life-affirming type of laughter.  When it overtakes you, there is nothing better. 

And food, good food, it really is medicine. Better than pills and injections and operations. Eating well is essential. And food closer to the source is the best. Anything you grow, dig up, or pick. Avoid food processing. Avoid eating animals. Our industrial meat processors produce sick, bloated, unhealthy animals. Go for green food. Green is good. Colorful food is good. Fresh, organic. Good!

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