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Thursday, January 02, 2014

You Think It Shouldn't Work!

You think this movie by Spike Jonze shouldn't work. And the description - "A man falls in love with an operating system," doesn't really capture or explain it at all. I found this movie profoundly, deeply, and totally moving. It makes you see the world and your place in it in a new way. I found it renewing, a healing, a clearing. Life-affirming and beautifully realized.

It asks all the big questions - "What is love? What is life? What is reality? How do we connect with others? How do we feel? What makes life worth living?"

And it opens you up in a totally new and subtle way. There are so many layers to this film. It's a mystery. A beauty. Genius.  Really. With a light touch, and lots of intelligence. Amazing.


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