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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Not Buying It!

People I sort of trust & respect are making the same arguments for war that people I really didn't trust or respect at all made a decade ago. And that war that we were lied into then, by the worst scoundrels you can imagine, turned out very badly indeed, I mean, horribly badly, so badly, it left a stain that cannot be removed or forgotten, and we were all damaged by it. And the mayhem and dark reverberations continue to this day.

Anyway that one was criminal, horrible, immoral, incompetent and totally unnecessary.

And the latest sales pitch just sounds like a retread of the last one. If there are reasons to "go to war," to drop bombs on another country, the reasons sound hollow, lame and completely unpersuasive. Weary. Yes. War weary. And weary of those who promote war. And weary of those who tell us that not going to war is a sign of weakness. Not buying it.

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