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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Finally Woke Up!

Some declare that the Occupy Wall Street protest is "Un-American."  A protest movement made up of Americans from all walks of life; gathered in a park, voicing their unhappiness with the status quo? 

Nothing more American than that, my friends!

Finally, as Krugman (again) points out, they are just a group of people who FINALLY WOKE UP!

Krugman in Prophet Mode:

"I have a vision – maybe just a hope—of a great revulsion: a moment when the American people look at what is happening, realize how their good will and patriotism have been abused, and put a stop to this drive to destroy much of what is best in our country. How and when this moment will come, I don’t know. But one thing is clear: it cannot happen unless we all make an effort to see and report the truth about what is happening." - P. Krugman

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