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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Notes on Living

Things they don't tell you about life...

Time is precious, I mean really, really precious, but you will find that you squander lots of your precious time on stupid and pointless things.  

You will spend huge swaths of time doing and saying things you don't really want to do and say.  You will learn that most people live that way too.

There will be times, most of your time really, where you don't know yourself, and you don't know the world either.  And then there will be times when you know yourself, and not the world, or you will know the world but not yourself.  And of course, you will find that you and your world are moving targets.  Both are amorphous and constantly changing.

You will come to realize that both of these statements are "true:"  Everything that lives is holy AND Life is cheap.

You will be stupefied by how easily you can accept totally crazy and illogical information into your life.

You will spend lots of your time searching for meaning, and then one day you will realize you are actually required to "invent" meaning.  This will be inspiring and deflating simultaneously.

You will find that if you can be alone and not feel lonely, you have a "leg up" on living.

You will come to realize that living comes easy, and you will suspect that dying comes easy too, kind of like falling off a log.  This will not be a happy realization.

You will come to the conclusion that EVERYTHING COUNTS!  Even the stuff that seems arbitrary or trivial.

You will wonder if the ride was worth it and you won't hesitate to answer "YES!"

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