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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Humble Fool

So yeah, we live in a Universe of Reason and Unreason, of Order and Chaos, of Logic and Magic. We are outfitted with these things we call Brains, which somehow emerged from the soup of creation. And with these brains we try to navigate through this multitudinous Universe.

Somehow our brains must also encompass reason and unreason, order and chaos, logic and magic. And as one of our dimmer Presidents once said, "It's hard work!"

We sometimes want to simplify the Universe, to make it more understandable, more agreeable to our little brains. But it's a fool's task. The Universe has more in store, more up it's sleeve in which to bewilder us.

So yeah, we must expand our brains, or expand our conception of the Universe to encompass everything. It isn't an easy task. It isn't always understandable, or agreeable, and it's probably a good first step to say, I am just a Humble Fool. Here for a brief time. Trying not to be an asshole...

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