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Friday, March 26, 2010

The Home of the Beast: 666 St. Peter's Square

** I don't know what was up with Blogger today. Every time I tried to post the little rant below, something would go wrong. I began to think that someone or something didn't want me to post it. This got me thinking about the Bavarian Illuminati, Knights Templar, the Masons, Tom Hanks, Dan Brown and those dudes flying around on those little go-karts decked out with rugs... oh yeah those freaky Shriners!

Even if you had a supremely diabolical imagination, you still probably wouldn't come up with this hideously twisted story about a Priest abusing 200 deaf boys. I mean it almost sounds like a set up for a really sick and twisted joke.

And worse than that mind-numbing horror, you then learn that the Catholic Church hierarchy's "highest priority was protecting the church from scandal."

This is truly evil! The Pope and everyone in that freaking decision loop should be defrocked or worse!

How about Hornswaggled!?!?

For some reason, I think about Sinead O'connor and her zany protest on Saturday Night Live those many years ago. I don't know the specifics of her beef with the Church, it may have seriously hurt her career. She broke the rules of showbiz. Do not say something real during our entertainment.

I'm thinking all those people who gave her shit for expressing herself, should get on their knees and beg forgiveness.

Ripping up a picture of the Pope. Oh how quaint! I mean, you don't want to paint with a broad brush but it's clear the Catholic Church is a supremely dysfunctional organization, no scratch that, a criminal enterprise that should be taken apart brick by freaking brick!


  1. Not just the Catholic Church! I think Christianity in general is pretty dysfunctional. It seems like none of them have really read the Gospels.

  2. Anonymous10:57 PM

    I stood up and cheered Sinead when she did this. I also watched it live, and was floored that I was actually seeing this on national TV. Totally fun!


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