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Sunday, October 04, 2009


I'm a big David Letterman fan. I don't stay up and watch often, but when I do, Dave comes across to me as great curmudgeonly old friend. He's got a unique schtick. Often his jokes aren't really jokes. Sort of a weird post-modern type of comedy.

One quirk which for years drove me batty: Monica Lewinsky jokes. Years after Clinton was out of the White House, Dave was still reaching back to the Lewinsky well.

I mean, sometimes it was funny. But Dave seemed sort of obsessed with INTERNS.

Well it turns out it was kind of a Freudian thing...

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  1. He is, after all, a man. I never really thought of good ol' Dave as an everyman but here he is in all his splendor. If I were wealthy and talented enough to have interns, would I eventually have relations of some kind with one or several of them? Yes sir. I would be careful that photos weren't taken, as they allegedly are in this case. I say that now, but I don't know enough about the woman/women in question to be 100% on that either. It's embarrassing enough as it is without photos.

    I'm surprised Leno and SNL chose to make light of Dave. I mean, I thought they'd go for it but maybe let a little time go by. Don't kick the guy now - while it's raw.


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