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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Stupid and Dangerous Primates!

You sometimes get the idea that we're pretty clever. We are the primates with thumbs who somehow got smart.

Then you hear about something like texting while driving. And you have a total re-think.

Plus you just know that whatever is being texted is totally inane.

Holy Freaking Shit! We have thumbs. That's about it!


  1. In L.A., we have thumbs and we start fires. What the fuck is wrong with us?

    I was thinking about Michael Vick getting 2 years for fighting and murdering dogs. Okay. I won't argue that point. When they catch the douche bag who started the fires here, will they charge him with arson and the murder of all the animals that died within that 200,000 acre blaze that he set? Nah, they'll only charge arson. Is that because all the dogs and cats and fish and deer and squirrels and skunks and lizards and raccoons and coyotes and birds don't matter? If you add up all those bodies, how much time does one get for that many lives? Thousands of years? I guess it's best ignored.

  2. There must be a special place in hell for someone who would set a fire like that. If not let's invent one. It's so hard seeing so much stupidity and injustice in the world. Makes one want to create other worlds where everyone reaps what they sow!


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