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Vote Blue 2020

Thursday, October 05, 2006


Well, it looks like sunny jimmy is involved in a little "skullduggery." Gee, I just love that word. I looked it up, just to make sure i knew what I thought I knew:

Skullduggery - (a noun) - trickery, hocus-pocus, slickness, hanky panky, jiggery-pokery.


Skullduggery (uncountable) - activities intended to deceive; a con or hoax.


Skullduggery may mean:
Skullduggery (album), an album by the band Steppenwolf.
Skullduggery (movie), the 1970 movie starring Burt Reynolds.
Skullduggery (event), a historic Orientation Week event established in 1896, held annually at the University of Adelaide.
The English name for Kinkotsuman, a character from Kinnikuman.

Things are brewing in my little business world. There are forces seen and unseen working in concert. Where's my James Bond 007 cologne when I need it?

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