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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

No Shadows

To be human is to be a social animal. We live in a hierarchical society. We are brothers and sisters to each other and to the other sentinent beings on the planet. At the same time, we live inside our heads alone with our own set of thoughts, hopes, dreams, desires, worries, etc. It can be a strange and lonely place locked inside your own head. There are times, inner and outer life seem to be integrated and whole, (not often), and there are times when they are completely seperate and in conflict (more often). I lived on the periphery of the action yesterday, watching the passing scene, lost inside my head, sort of like a lone wolf, observing from the shadows (eventhough, on Laguna Beach there were no shadows). The only people I spoke to were the ones I paid, (the waitress, the counter clerk, the coffee server). I was the observer and the customer. This was comfortable mode of being for me. I floated along, not grasping, taking it all in. I watched the sun set over the water, a long, slow descent. The day done and gone.

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