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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Goofing Off

It's amazing what a couple of days off from the daily work grind can do for you. My work tasks are primarily in the mental realm: strategizing, fretting, worrying about details that tend to spin out of my control, talking endlessly on the phone, tapping away at my keyboard. Work is an imposition of "The Wheel" a wheel that demands: needing, wanting, grasping. The main burden, I guess, is that my "space" is not my own. I trade my time and my mental capacity, for cash, which I can redeem for valuable prizes later, although, as one goes along on this journey, one begins to realize that time and personal freedom are the most valuable prizes of all.

But of course, we all have to eat, we are "mere bellies," with voracious appetites, which is just another Wheel that we must ride to keep on going. A "day off" still has demands, there are responsibilities, chores, appetites, etc. but there's a different quality to everything. There's also that "just goofing off" kind of thing (think Huck Finn, think Wiley Coyote), bouncing around, not doing much of anything. Catching a movie, noodling on a guitar, sitting back and listening to music. Not really a waste of time, no, a kind of aligning with time. The tick of the clock (eventhough you don't need to consult one), the thump of a heart, strangely synchronized.

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