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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

"The Water is Wide, and I Can't Cross Over."

Did you ever have that feeling that you woke up, and for one day, you're living in somebody else's body, living somebody else's life? Well yesterday, I found myself living in an alternate universe. I was driving down Green Bay road, in a little silver Mini Cooper (vroom, vroom, it's groovy baby!), heading to Gurnee. Now as soon as you tack away from the Lakefront and head west, dear pilgrim, you find yourself leaving the shimmering lake, the shady green of wise, old trees and heading into a vast suburban sprawl, not quite country, not quite city, just a pseudo land of shopping centers, parking lots, Six Flags amusement, IHOP, Country Kitchen. Lots of America looks like this, and it ain't pretty!

I had an appointment with a man, to talk about a deal. We sat at table at an IHOP trying to decipher the code. It was a dance, two guys, trying to figure is there a way to make money or is this another blind alley? To be continued...

So, I'm back on the road, taking the reverse course back to where I started from. I'm playing Dylan on the CD player, he's singing with Joan Baez, and the top of the Mini Cooper is open and the sunshine is pouring in and I'm zipping along, and I'm coming back to hang with the wise old trees, and the lake is still shimmmering, like a satin sheet, and it's a beautiful, late afternoon and I actually have tears in my eyes its all so perfect. I'm thinking Dylan and Baez started out, two kids together, then they parted for many years, so many years have come and gone, for me too, and I've got a million questions, they're all swimming around in my head, and Bob and Joan are singing the words, the old words, their two voices snaking around each other, Dylan's voice rough and edgy, Baez's voice beautiful, resonant, and they of course remind me, that the answer is blowing in the wind, and I'm thinking that's good enough for now.

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