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Saturday, April 30, 2016

The Musical Legacy of the Purple One!

Prince. Nothing compares to "the Purple One." This week's Sound Opinions is a must-listen experience. Jim Derogotis and Greg Kot focus on Prince's musical legacy. You can listen to the podcast here: Show #544 - Remembering Prince.

Brilliant show. It's like listening to two really close, musically-obsessed friends who take all things Pop and Music, as seriously as you do. Plus, they basically listen to everything in the musical universe. And they invest their time and intelligence deeply into Pop Culture & Rock & Roll. They treat these subjects as if they are life and death. Which of course is exactly right.

I don't always agree with these two strongly-opinionated characters, and they don't always agree with each other either, but on this show, no doubt, everyone is in agreement. Prince! Unlike anyone else. He will be dearly missed. He left us an amazing, over-flowing treasure chest of music. Amazing!

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