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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Crucified on the Cross of Science vs. Religion?

This is pure speculation. A thought experiment. No relation to any current events...

What if you were a very beloved Pop star? And you were "sexually audacious," and provocative and that was a big part of your Pop Persona? And somewhere, sometime, in the 90's you had sex with the wrong person at the wrong time. Just a chance encounter. And you came up "unlucky?"

You were diagnosed as HIV+. 

But, luckily you had good, up to date Doctors, who prescribed "antiretroviral therapy" and this regimen kept you happy, healthy and alive.

But, unluckily, you converted to become a Jehovah's Witness in the early 2000's. And over the years,  folks in the Jehovah's Witness church, folks close to you, convinced you that with belief and the power of prayer, that you were now "miraculously cured" of HIV.

So you stopped taking your "antiretroviral drugs," because you figured that's what "god wanted you to do." And everything seemed to be fine. 

For awhile. 

And then, one day, your body began to morph, and change, and the HIV symptoms came back. And then it was too late, you couldn't stop the progress of the virus, and then you were defenseless to help yourself. And then... you died. 

You might say those Jehovah Witness people really gave you extraordinarily bad medical advice! And you wonder if they feel like total idiots now? And you'd learned a sad lesson that you probably didn't need to learn - sometimes basic biology trumps strange religiosity. 

So your life and death end up being some kind of sad symbol. You have been crucified on the cross of Science vs. Religion.

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