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Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Don't Forget - It Was All Personal Too!

Although the writing is quite good, the Chicago Music Kerfuffle (see previous post), isn't as high-minded as it might seem at first glance. I mean, there were some grand, overarching issues, and disagreements about aesthetics and definitions, and ethics, but there was heat and bad blood between most of the players (Wyman, Albini, Liz Phair, Urge Overkill, Billy Corgan). The Chicago scene was  small and incestuous. These people crossed paths, in some cases did business together, hung out, etc. There were jealousies, and upsets, and grudges and they all spilled out across the pages of the Reader.

Anyway, I did some more reading over the last few days, found Philip Montoro's article, taking Albini's side in this old feud. Montoro, the current music Editor at the Reader resides in the very determined underground scene, and specializes in writing about groups you don't know, and probably don't really want to know. Still, he has a very specific and crystalline point of view and very strong opinions, he is impressive, insular, uncompromising.

I also found Bill Wyman's great article in Salon on Kurt Cobain, and the alternative music scene. I'd say it's essential reading if you're interested in that kind of thing. Wyman is a smart, funny, thoughtful writer, and he takes music seriously. Some great insight on Cobain, Nirvana and what it all says about pop culture. Great stuff, indeed.

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