Election 2020

Election 2020
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Saturday, May 04, 2013

Lines of Battle - One Good Reason!

The Kentucky Derby is today...

I remember that guy who used "dope out" the Racing Form, who poured over past performances and made little marks on newsprint with a pen, highlighting key info.  I hesitated at going to the newsstand and buying a Racing Form, but then I remembered that guy who wouldn't have hesitated, and I walked over and bought a Form in memory of that guy.

And then it was obvious: I buy the Racing Form, I study it, I make my picks, I must make my bets. The first step requires each of the following steps.  A whole series dictated by that first step. You cannot make your picks and then not bet!  Worse than a mortal sin!

So after intensive study, I traveled downtown to place my bets at the betting parlor.  But it turns out all the betting parlors in the big city have vanished. One site is now a pizza place. Another is a Chick-fil-A. Hah! I am living in a past that no longer exists. It has been erased.

And my "system" is a relic from another time and place too.  Weird. Who knew I was living in a time-warp? So I made a call and someone else is running my bet for me.  And I've picked a long-shot.  There are many good reasons why my pick should not win the Derby.  And just one good reason why he will win.

I stake my hopes and my cash on that one good reason.  Lines of Battle - morning line 30-1 shot! That's my pick.  That guy I used to know, that guy I used to be, would be betting on him too.

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