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Sunday, May 12, 2013

It Felt Great!

whitewolfsonicprincess played a show at the Underground Wonder Bar last night.  We were in the basement. I love that place. It reminds me of another dark basement where we used to do theater called Cafe Voltaire, now just a distant memory.

The Underground Wonder Bar is just an amazing place, upstairs, downstairs, three stages. Music and performance every night.  Comedy, burlesque, theater, music.  Every kind of music you can imagine. And the place is a family business. Lonnie Walker is the matriarch.  She's a powerhouse singer, and just the nicest person. And her vibe is filtered down to everyone who works there.

Classy place. Cool people. And we were able to do two expansive sets last night.  The band was in fine form and we really put on an intense show.  Small crowd, just a handful of listeners, but they really listened, really tracked with us. It felt great!

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