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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Slamming Doors!

You can have an "open door" policy, but slamming doors, and burning bridges is part of it too.  

Ray Manzarek died yesterday. His legendary band opened doors for sure. I never heard another band quite like the Doors.  Jim Morrison's voice, Manzarek's organ, Robby Kreiger's guitar, John Densmore's drums. The sound came out fully formed. Their first album is just stunning. Perfect.

They burned out fairly quickly. Morrison was dead by 1971. But those sounds, those vibrations still live.  The Doors were not a feel-good outfit.  Lots of trouble surrounded them. And Morrison just imploded - a drunk, a junkie falling in on himself.

The after-effects of that band lasted for a long, long time. Their legend just got bigger and bigger. They are a darkness. They are still with us.

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