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Saturday, December 15, 2018

"Roma" - Exquisite, Changes Your Sense of Time...

I haven't seen every movie made this year, 2018. But I am totally confident in saying that Alfonso Cuaron's film "Roma" is the best of the year. Why am I so confident? It's one of the greatest films I've ever seen. No doubt. It's a mind-blower. Beautiful. Powerful. Changes your sense of time. Every shot is exquisite. Vivid. Captivating. A knockout.

I kept thinking to myself this must be a very personal film. Cauron tells us 90% of the scenes of the film are "scenes taken out of this memory." 

Alfonso CuarĂ³n's statement for the film: "There are periods in history that scar societies and moments in life that transform us as individuals. Time and space constrain us, but they also define who we are, creating inexplicable bonds with others that flow with us at the same time and through the same places. Roma is an attempt to capture the memory of events that I experienced almost fifty years ago. It is an exploration of Mexico's social hierarchy, where class and ethnicity have been perversely interwoven to this date and, above all, it's an intimate portrait of the women who raised me in a recognition of love as a mystery that transcends space, memory and time."

Highly, highly recommended!

Friday, December 14, 2018

Celebrity Culture is a Terrible Thing...

Celebrity Culture slimes us all. It elevates and diminishes, infantilizes and wraps everyone up in tissue-thin bullshit. It's a plague, a disease, a blight on us all. It's all consuming. It sucks the air out of everything, every room, every head. We are all brainwashed by the 24/7 noise machine. It is relentless, a perpetual-motion machine signifying nothing, that mows down everything in its path. It is awesome, awe-inspiring, terrible, terrifying. It ruins lives. It permeates everything: politics, music, cinema, entertainment, every aspect of daily fucking life. We begin to think life is all a show, and celebrity culture is the only show in town. Yikes. It's a terrible thing. It has polluted the cultural air we breathe. We are all poisoned, and corrupted and slimed and diminished by celebrity culture. Help us! We are drowning!

Thursday, December 13, 2018

The To-ing, the Fro-ing!

There is the slog...
the schlep...
the long march...
the circuitous route...
the lifting...
the carrying...
the one step after another...
the burden...
the duty...
the basic things we do every single day...

So much of our lives are filled with the little jobs, the busy work, the simple tasks. The to-ing, the fro-ing.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

The Stupid Way...

I almost hate to look at the headlines. It is beginning to dawn on me that my species is nowhere near as smart as we think we are. Of course, I include myself in this judgement. We are the self-important, clever monkeys, not so clever, really. We are blundering along in our favored stupidities. We love to cling to our stupidities. We think they define us. So yes, we blunder along in our stupid way, thinking we are so damn smart. There may be some smart ones amongst us, but of course, we tend to tune them out, "Who do they think they are?" I like to quote Studs Terkel's famous quote: "Hope dies last." But I'm beginning to think it should be amended to: "Stupid dies first and last."

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Existential Funk!

Existential Funk. Not a bad band name. It is funny how the funk can just rise up in one flash. One minute you are sailing fine and true, and then, the next instant, you are swirling in a downward whirlpool of funk. How does that happen? It's just the way of the world. The human way. It's complicated. The light and the darkness dancing in our hands, in our hearts, in our heads. Best to keep it simple. Keep your head, keep your feet on the ground. One step forward. Never know what's around the next turn.

Monday, December 10, 2018

My Bi-Polar, Well-Rounded Life!

This is typical behavior for me. A flurry of activity. I work myself up. I am hyper-active, up, up and away. And then the crash. Hit the wall. I have always been this way.

I manage it on my own. Always have. And it's funny the post-crash phase can be quite productive and instructive. I slow down. I watch my steps. I breathe deeply. I get a bit meditative and philosophical.

It's the post-crash that leads me to the good work. Working on creative projects, listening to music, feeding the soul. Sinking in. So I wouldn't change a thing. Maybe the folks around me wonder what's up. I suppose it's all a bit "bi-polar," but I don't see it as a syndrome, no, I see it as my well-rounded life.

Sunday, December 09, 2018

We Live With Contradiction...

We live with contradiction...

For instance: Everyone is unique. Right?

No one can walk in another person's shoes. Each human being has a story to tell. No person's story is exactly the same: it's this person, this time, this life, these circumstances, these events.

At the same time we have many things in common with each other. For instance: born, lived, died. There is an arc. We win some, we lose some. We suffer. We thrive. We fall. We pick ourselves up.

No one is the perfect being. No one can defy gravity. Everyone dies.

We come, we go.

Life is Holy. Life is Cheap. We live with that contradiction. Every single day. It's not an easy thing, to live with contradiction, but we must, and we do.

Saturday, December 08, 2018

Now What America?!

The President WAS a Crook then, and he is a Crook Now...

The President is a Crook. 

I know, I'm just stating the obvious. And it's obvious lots of folks don't want to know. But it must be stated, clearly, simply, unequivocally: The President is a Crook! A Criminal.

He isn't misunderstood. He isn't a Conservative or Liberal. He isn't a Republican or a Democrat. He isn't being persecuted. This isn't a hoax or a witch hunt.

The President is a Criminal! Now what America?!

Friday, December 07, 2018

We Need A Miracle to Save Our Little Blue Planet!

I am basically an optimist. Don't exactly know why. I was born in a supportive environment, grew up a happy little boy, lived in my own private little bubble in my key formative years; my fellow human beings and the long slog of history (one damn thing after another), haven't totally snuffed out that basic optimism and happiness.

On the other hand: We Need A Climate Miracle! Don't call it "Climate Change," call it Climate Catastrophe, or Burning Up the Planet, or Destroying Our Habitat, or Frying our Ecosystem, or Killing Life Support as We Know it on Our Beautiful Little Blue Planet.

Are we the crazy, rapacious, greedy, uppity-monkeys enamored with our own brilliance who would destroy our own habitable little Blue Planet just for $? I suppose the question is it's own answer...

"As Chris Hayes has pointed out, there’s about $20 trillion worth of fossil fuels still left in the ground right now. Knowing what you know about human nature, what are the odds that anyone is going to leave all that money there? About zero, right? Hayes compares it to the $10 trillion economic value of slaves in the South on the eve of the Civil War, and points out that this is why the South would never, ever voluntarily give up chattel slavery. It took four years of the bloodiest war in history to finally force their hand."

Yeah, $20 trillion worth of fossil fuels. We are the kind of crazy, rapacious, greedy beings who would do all they can to extract every last drop/dollar. Damn the children. Damn the future. Damn the Planet. Damn the air, the water, the soil. Damn the torpedoes. 

So yes, what to do? Pray for a miracle? 

"So what’s the answer, aside from frying the planet? That’s simple: we need a miracle. And we should be spending vast sums of money to get one."

Thursday, December 06, 2018

I Pray Willingly.

I Pray. Willingly. 

Never thought I'd get to this point. I was coerced into praying when I was a wee lad. I learned the "Hail Mary," and "Our Father." Classics in the Catholic tradition. I do remember them. I remember going to confession and being assigned a number of "Hail Marys" and "Our Fathers" to atone for my sins. I kneeled in the church pew and prayed. I didn't like it. It always seemed like a game, a sham, a little joke. Even that little wee lad suspected something was up. Like I was being fooled, being a fool.

I can recite those old prayers. But they are like old pop hits, think "Sugar, Sugar" or "Sweet Caroline," sequences of words burned into my consciousness that I don't really like, that I no longer sing or recite.

No. I don't pray the classics. After years of meditating I offer up my own homemade ditties. What do I pray for?

Peace. Love. Happiness. A good lunch. Sunny day. A better future. $. All the best for those I care about. Justice. Karma. Good will. Health.

And who do I pray to?

The Wind. The Trees. The Day. The Great What's It!? The Cosmic Giggle. The Void. The Darkness. The Light.

It's a kind of a simple, meager, thing; praying. But what the hell. It can't hurt, right?!

Wednesday, December 05, 2018

What To Do With Useless Man?!

Yes. This is a test for our Democracy.

It's a multiple choice test, please choose one:

1. Bury our Heads up our Asses.
2. Resignation.
3. Impeachment.
4. Indictment.

What do we do with "Useless Man?!"

Yes. Useless Man. He's a bit more portly and repulsive in the actual flesh. He lives in big white house, he spends lots of time on Twitter. He's working himself into a lather, and an orange jumpsuit! He did a very, very bad thing and the chickens, yes, the chickens are coming home to roost!

Tuesday, December 04, 2018

A Good Place to Go!

A flurry of activity, and then the lull. 

Time to reflect. Time to breathe. Sometimes it feels good just to sit still, tune out, or tune in, to a more interior vibe. Not everything is "out there." The interior vibe is just as important. Everything is reflected in our reservoir. Thinking is good. Feeling is good. Reflecting is good. You can go deep. It's amazing how deep you can go. Deeper than you know, deeper than you think. Beyond thought. That's a good place to go.

Monday, December 03, 2018

Hanoi Jane - Ringing the Bell 3 Times for Peace & Love!

We traveled to the "land beyond O'Hare,"over the weekend. We played a movie-fundraiser at an American Legion in one of the far western suburbs. It felt like we were going to another country. A Harder Country. The American Legion was filled with two-fisted drinking Vets, horror-movie geeks, heavy metal kids, and the parents of horror-movie geeks & heavy metal kids.

You might think this would not be the most promising of audiences for our "neo-psychedelic, folk rock ensemble," but everyone was friendly and welcoming. There was college football on every TV screen, there were video poker machines lined against a wall, there was a back-porch smoking section for those folks with their smoking addictions.

There was also a "Hanoi Jane" sticker in the urinal in the men's room. So all the males in the place could go make their peace with Jane Fonda, members in hand. Funny. The 60's culture war still lives. Jane, of course, is famous for doing a photo-op with the Viet-Cong at the height of the U.S. war. Not very popular with most Vets. Also there was the guy with the "Cops Lives Matter T-Shirt." The subject was never broached, but one might surmise this could be Opioid-Land and Trump Country.

So yes, we felt like invaders from another planet, folks from a completely different tribe. But really, when it comes down to it, we all really have much more in common with these folks than these cultural markers might indicate. As the Dalai Lama reminds us: "We are all Human Beings first." What's funny, two of us actually grew up in suburbs just like this one, but truth be told, we never felt we fit in, always seemed like fish out of water, couldn't wait to escape to the Northern shores of Lake Michigan.

Surprisingly, the show was exhilarating, cathartic. Our lead singer started our set by ringing the Tibetan prayer bell three times for "Peace and Love." That got everyone's attention. There is something about trying to win over a room. Our band played a tight, battle-tested set, we have played a number of good shows lately, our set is strong, it flows well, the sequence of  songs allows us to reach a satisfying crescendo.

It was hot. The sweat poured. It all just felt fantastic. We knew we were making an impression when the guy playing video poker actually stopped, turned around, and watched us. That was the best tribute of the night.

Sunday, December 02, 2018

The Good Lies...

Yes, these are some of the "good lies..." Or maybe not lies, but thoughts that kind of go against our own experience. Dead-eyed, clear-seeing may actually be pathology: the depressive frame of mind. Some of us go out of our way to adopt the optimistic frame of mind despite the trials and tribulations.

1. Tomorrow will be better than today.
2. Everything will work out for the best.
3. Don't worry, be happy.
4. People are basically good.
5. There is a purpose and a meaning to everything.
6. We're gonna make it.
7. Everyone will get what they deserve.
8. Karma!
9. Life is worth living!
10. Life is good!
11. The Universe is perfect as it is.
12. Chocolate!

Saturday, December 01, 2018

Lessons in Life - Lying is a Waste of Time!

One of those lessons you learn in life, I mean, that is, if you are the type of person who learns lessons in life - telling the truth, usually, is the more efficient and practical way to go. It's just simpler, and easier to keep your story straight. I mean, sure, you can lie, there are all the little lies and the big lies we tell; some lies you tell to yourself, and some you tell to the world, but more often than not, those lies have a sneaky way of coming back to haunt you.

If you are a frequent liar, you spend lots of your time trying to keep your lies straight, and this can get convoluted and confusing, and since some of the lies are tissue-thin, unsubstantial, made up on the spot, it's often difficult to be consistent, and to remember just exactly how, and to whom, you have lied. And you end up worrying about how to keep the lies going, and they multiply, and sometimes, collide with each other. You build an edifice of lies, each one, another brick in the wall, but that wall is not a solid construction. It is easily demolished, sometimes as easy as exposing the first or simplest and most unassuming lie of the bunch.

It is much simpler to stick with the truth, at least the truth as you understand it. It's better for your conscience, I mean, that is, if you have a conscience. A clean conscience. Might be one of those things good to have if you value sleeping soundly.

Of course, all of this is easier to see play out in other people's lives. You can see the lies, the liars and how they often end up squirming like a worm on a fish-hook, or turning themselves into pretzels trying to make all their calculated lies look like plain truths. Reconciling the lies is not an easy to do, even for the smartest, and least conscientious of us.

When you see the clearly corrupt, ignorant, morally and ethically challenged folks amongst us, those who are carrying a huge mountain of lies on their shoulders, suddenly trying to extricate themselves from the consequences of their consistent lying, by coming up with a better brand of lie, trying to unsuccessfully change the story in mid-stream, it's actually quite entertaining, and instructive. You think to yourself: "Better them, than me!"

Friday, November 30, 2018

Yes, that ridiculous, toxic, noxious Circus Clown Con Man Did a Very, Very Bad Thing.

A flurry of news yesterday....

Some of us have known the broad outlines of this story for quite a long time. You don't need to be a conspiracy-minded lunatic to see the crazy truth that is dancing right before your eyes.

"The plea includes evidence, for the first time, that could show how Trump was compromised by Russia while Russian President Vladimir Putin was waging a direct attack on the 2016 election."

Yeah. Read the Steele Dossier in Buzzfeed. Crazy Spy Stuff for sure. But you know sometimes the truth sounds sort of crazy, but the crazy nature of the info doesn't make it any less true.

Read Luke Harding's book "Collusion:" Secret Meetings, Dirty Money and How Russia Helped Donald Trump Win.  The grand saga in a nutshell. 

And check back in with Buzzfeed for "The Crazy True Story of Trump Moscow." Fantastic reporting from Anthony Cormier and Jason Leopold.

There is lots of great reporting from journalists all over the land, be sure to check in frequently with Juliette Kayyem, Natasha Bertrand, Marcy Wheeler, Josh Gerstein, Zoe Tillman, Erica Orden, and the great Washington Post. Don't forget the Atlantic, Buzzfeed, Mother Jones. Be sure to tune into the Rachel Maddow Show, Rachel is giving us a history on Nixon's Watergate, and delving deep into the weeds on this unfolding scandal. She is a great story-teller. Compelling, enlightening.

The story of our lifetime. Yes, it's crazy, improbable, ridiculous, but true: there is a Russian Dupe/Asset in the White House. Yes, that ridiculous, toxic, noxious Circus Clown Con Man did a very, very bad thing. The chickens are coming home to roost... "Look out Mama there's a white boat coming up the river..."

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Particles of Condensed Vapor Suspended in the Atmosphere!

Clouds: "a visible mass of particles of condensed vapor (such as water or ice) suspended in the atmosphere of a planet (such as the earth) or moon."

Yeah. Clouds this morning. No sunshine. Sort of sets the tone for the day. That "visible mass" is sort of like a veil over the prospects of the day. How is it possible that those particles of condensed vapor could have such a profound effect on mood and temperament? We are just so damn sensitive.

Mojo is low this morning. Coffee isn't working. Clouds hover over everything. A little doubt creeps in. A darkness looms. Uncertainty creeps into the frame. Atmosphere = Suspended! Wonder what happens next?

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

The Blagojevich Phase...

Robert Mueller's Endgame May Be In Sight...

I do think we have entered the Blagojevich phase of our national nightmare, our slow-motion, car-crashing, constitutional crisis. You know, we have reached that point in the saga where we have a really corrupt and supremely dumb, hair-challenged person committing crimes, while under investigation for being really corrupt, supremely dumb and hair-challenged, and committing crimes! The blatant, audacious, over the top, in-real-time, stupidity is pretty ridiculous, awe-inspiring and mind-numbing. Amazing shit.

I do think whatever our supremely stupid and corrupt hair-challenged President does going forward only sinks him deeper in a slimy pit of crime and stupidity. He can't help himself. He knows no other way. And he's such a big, dolt, a complete & total fool, that he thinks he can bluff and huff and puff his way out of it all.  So funny. Really. To witness Karma in action, it is an amazing, awe-inspiring thing to behold. Lots more action to come. Stay tuned Folks!

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

The Confidence Man is Fucked!

We all watched the Confidence Man (he promised that he would make everything better, that he alone could do it, that the past would be the now, and that all the old hatreds would be the new and eternal hatreds), float above us. We were all amazed. We all asked ourselves: "How does he do it? No one saw it coming." We were all surprised. Very surprised. We all began to think that even though we all lived in a world of gravity, this Confidence Man defied the rules. Gravity wasn't for him. He tore up the rule book. He knew secrets no one else knew, he lived under a lucky star. Yes, of course, it was obvious, this Confidence Man lived a life of absolute dissolution, he was corrupt to the bone, his empire was built on lies, bluster, bad faith, bad blood, bankruptcy and illicit money, but hell, he was good at keeping one step ahead of the law, the bankers, the lawyers, the common folk. He seemed to have some kind of weird superpower, he never had to face the consequences of his actions, there was always someone else ready to clean up after him. He didn't have to live in the world of gravity, facts, truth, reality like the rest of us. And then, well, what do you know, the worm woke up, the worm turns... It looks like a new day is dawning across the land, it looks like those days of stupefied gravity-defying are over! The tsunami of consequence is coming to our lovely shores and heading right into the wheelhouse of that bilious, overstuffed, Confidence Man. Think: gravity rules, facts matter, truth will out, reality always bites you in your fat ass. One day, it's obvious, everyone can see it, it is awe-inspiring, amazing, beautiful... the Confidence Man is sinking, he is totally, totally fucked!

Monday, November 26, 2018

I Use Tarot Cards!

I use Tarot cards. I often start the day shuffling the cards and laying them out on the living room carpet, Oriental, don't you know? It's a habit, a thing I do. I love the imagery. I sometimes use the cards in my meditations. I use the Crowley deck. I love his interpretation of the Tarot. I love how he kind of re-framed the Devil card as the "happy, three-eyed, Goat."

My "life-time symbol" is the Emperor.  I have always had a problem with authority. I have always kind of grappled and fumbled with how to deal with the reality of my own authority. I think that's one of the things I've been working on this time around.

My favorite card is The Hermit. I have often found myself trying to walk the "mystical path on practical feet." That's kind of a mantra for me, a worthy mission, for sure.

This morning it's all Swords & Wands. Fire & Air. Typical day! Advice: "Listen to the inner wisdom offered by the wise elder that dwells inside of you." Got it!

Sunday, November 25, 2018

"Comfort Food for the Soul!"

Our band, whitewolfsonicprincess has had a string of excellent shows. Good music rooms. Exuberant audiences. The band has tightened and loosened. There are seven of us now, when we are in full force. The musicians all really listen to each other, there is an extraordinary conversation going on. A tale told consisting of vibes, invisible waves. Each show is different: the music, the room, the energy, it's always morphing, growing. Pretty thrilling for all of us. We seem to be connecting with new folks at every show. We can't ask for more than that, or, of course, we can and do, we feel we are just at the beginning of something pretty amazing. It's a great feeling. Still, at the same time, we can't take anything for granted. Every show really is a new start.

Anyway, last night, one of our good friends, an extraordinary musician and past collaborator came out to see us play. After the show he said to me that our band was "Comfort Food for the Soul."
Comfort Food: "food that gives emotional comfort to the one eating it, these tend to be favorite foods of childhood, or linked to a person, place or time with which the food has a positive association."

At first I was a bit taken aback, I thought, "Is that good?" Upon reflection, I'd say, yes, I hope it's true. That would be a great and humbling mission: feeding souls with our music, one soul at a time.

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Surrender to "God!"

Yes, you find wisdom where you can, sometimes in the unlikeliest of places. Waiting for a couple new books to arrive in the mail, I found myself re-reading Richard Hell's "I Dreamed I Was a Very Clean Tramp." I do think it's a beautifully written "autobiography." An uncommon, compelling life for sure. This rang true...

"People don't really have the right to take credit for themselves at all. Ultimately, not only are we all the same, but what happens is out of our control. I suppose that's what religions are about - coming to terms with the way that behind the veil, nobody is different from anyone else, much less better, and no one even has any control over phenomena, including themselves - and is the sense in which religions are true, recommending, under the circumstances, surrender to "God," (which is to say, acceptance of "what happens"). All there is are the entertainments, pastimes, of love and work, the hope of keeping interested." - Richard Hell

Friday, November 23, 2018

The Silent Witness

Thanksgiving 2018. Time to laze around a bit.

Started the morning with a great pot of coffee and a 5 disc (Please, Please Me, Let it Be Naked, Rubber Soul,  Revolver, and Past Masters Vol. 2), Beatles mix. Sorry. You cannot do better than the Beatles. I agree with Chuck Klosterman: Best song-writers, best vocalists, all the best songs. Perfect marriage of creativity and commerce. Of course, their range is greater than your's, so there are a handful of songs you tend to skip, usually one on nearly every album (think: Maxwell's Silver Hammer, Mr. Moonlight, Honey Pie, Taste of Honey, Yellow Submarine),  mainly the schmaltzy, goofy, music-hall type songs, but still, if you want to put a smile on your face in the a.m. Do a Beatles mix! Exuberant!

Turned on the TV, with sound off, and watched big rubber characters floating down the streets of New York in the frigid temps. That's entertainment!

Lots of conversations yesterday. Lots of worrying about getting into conversations. It turns out all was fine. The most important thing: The Hugs. The Hand-holding.  Yes, forget words, forget the worries, forget the long and winding history, and the deeply, profoundly uncertain future. No use talking.

Everything was contained in the hugs... the holding of hands... the deep, physical, silent witness...

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Tend to Your Garden.

Yes. We live with Chaos (see previous post). That's life. Things go wrong all the time. The world is shit. It's also wonderful. Life is hard. Life is beautiful. There is pain. There is joy. Do these things cancel each other out? No. There are no guarantees that we will have more joy than pain in our lives. We take our chances.

Best to live humbly, with grace and compassion. Take care of the simple things. Tie your shoes. Eat well. Sleep. Meditate. Fill your life with music, art, great literature. Diversions. Fill your life with diversions. Be busy. Active. Walk. Talk. Find the things you love to do, and do them.

You are a garden. You live in a garden. Tend to your garden. Pray the pieces don't fall on you.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

A Shady Bit of Chaos!

Hurtling towards a major crisis. 

Yes, indeed. You can feel it in the air. Political. Financial. Social. Cultural. Environmental. Forces are converging. Bills are coming due. We must all pay the Piper. The Piper is calling the tune, and just what is the tune? "A Shady Bit of Chaos." It's in the air. Walls crumbling. Boundaries breached. Minds blown. Worlds crashing. I can't exactly see how all this rolls out, but it's coming. I can feel it!

A Reckoning, or maybe better a "Wreck-Oning!" A major cataclysm, a Grand Fuckup. Sort of like a planet-wide car crash. Justice? Lots of folks will get what they deserve, but it will be hard to discern if Justice has been served. Too many casualties, too much collateral damage. There will be many innocents swept up in this maelstrom.  Of course, none of us are really, existentially, innocent, even the innocents possess the human stain. We are all to be held to account. Holy, Holy, Fuck!

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Without Losing Our Heads!

It might be fun once in awhile, but you don't want to be hallucinating through your life. Altering your perceptions can be head & eye-opening, but you can't be enlightened by your altered perceptions unless you actually, in the clear light, emerge from the altering intact. You might want to dip your toe in the Pond of Hallucinations, but it's no way to live. Just ask those famous LSD casualties, or the local wandering Schizos in the neighborhood.

How about Illusions? Do we want to Illusion ourselves? To actively and intentionally live a Life of Illusion? Do we want to deceive ourselves? Actively misperceive? What of Hope? What of Dreams? What of Poetry?

Do we want to Disillusion ourselves? "The condition of being disenchanted : the condition of being dissatisfied or defeated in expectation or hope."  That doesn't seem like a promising way to live. Do we free ourselves from Illusion and gladly enter into a State of Disenchantment? Seems like a way to diminish ourselves, to impoverish our lives.

Truth. Reality. Clear-seeing. Enchantment. Illusioning. Dreaming. Hoping. How do we balance all these things without losing our heads?

Monday, November 19, 2018

Are You True?

Do you get what you want? Do you want what you get? How do you define success? How do you define failure? Do you measure your life, or do you just live it? Do you think anyone is watching you? Do you really even care? Are you kind? Thoughtful? Determined? How do you sleep at night? Do you see dead people in your dreams? Do you have faith in any thing or any one? Do you believe in anything? How do you occupy your time? How do you explain yourself to yourself? Are you true?

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Life. Choosing Things!

Life. You try things. Lots of things. Much of your life you are making choices, choosing. Choosing things to do, and/or things not to do. Those things reveal themselves. You do whatever you do, and then you say to yourself, "That was good, let's do that again." Or, "Never again! I mean it!"

Saturday, November 17, 2018

The Mountain of Lies is Crumbling!

The  Lies. 

The Facade, the Mountain of Lies that we have built across the Globe is crumbling, falling away. Our eyes are open wide. We are Clear-seeing. We see the Lies that come from every quarter, every direction, every Center of Power. We have built great Temples on great Lies. Corporations. Governments. Institutions of every kind. The Lies are being exposed, revealed every single day. The Lies can't stand the Light of Day, and a New Dawn awaits.

Friday, November 16, 2018

This Morning in this Fake Empire...

I usually, I mean, I always, if I can, start the day early, turn the radio on, brew up a pot of coffee, take the dishes out of the dishwasher. It's a routine, a ritual, an orderly way to start the day.

So yes, every morning this little box on the counter starts spewing out the news of the day. This morning is typical. Mostly bad news. Disturbing, troubling stuff.

My coffee pot is percolating and I hear: The Mad King is Mad and Raging. (Of course, while the Mad King is certainly Mad, he isn't really a King, even if in his own pathetic, toxic brain-pan he thinks he has Kingly powers. He is a public servant. He is supposed to serve the people. That is his job.) Anyway, the Mad King is in full meltdown mode. Wonder what happens with that? Also fires are raging on the West Coast. Homes and towns completely burned down. Folks homeless, folks missing. Sad, tragic. The world is burning.

They are still counting votes in Florida. How come elections in America are so messy? Can't we make it easier for folks to vote? Why is one political party desperately trying to prevent folks from voting, and then once they do vote, prevent the counting of their votes? I suppose the question answers itself. Can't we just count the votes? Every. Last. Vote. And then, once they are all counted, the person with the most votes wins? Isn't that how Democracy is supposed to work?

Oh yeah, there's also more news of Cops killing unarmed folks. That's a thing. A terrible, unconscionable thing. How do we all live with it? Plus, a bonus story this morning, a prisoner was beaten to death by prison guards, they did it in an area of the prison, of course, where there were no cameras. The guards have been put on "paid administrative leave." What the Fuck?

The coffee is ready. Why do I turn this little box on anyway? A weird desire to know "what's happening." I decide it's time to put on some music... this morning it's The National's "The Boxer", first track, "Fake Empire," 

Stay out super late tonight picking apples, making pies
Put a little something in our lemonade and take it with us
We're half awake in a fake empire
We're half awake in a fake empire

Tiptoe through our shiny city with our diamond slippers on
Do our gay ballet on ice, bluebirds on our shoulders
We're half awake in a fake empire
We're half awake in a fake empire

Turn the light out say goodnight, no thinking for a little while
Let's not try to figure out everything at once
It's hard to keep track of you falling through the sky
We're half awake in a fake empire
We're half awake in a fake empire

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Character Counts.

Character counts. You know character, in the sense of "the complex of mental and ethical traits marking and often individualizing a person, group, or nation."

Events test one's character. One's character is revealed in times of stress, trauma, and drama. What do we do when times are tough, when the chips are down, when everything goes to hell?

Do we keep our heads? Do we panic? Do we retreat? Do we lie and shift blame? Do we own up? Do we face the music? Do we face the truth, take it in, incorporate it, meet reality half-way, and try to work thru?

Hard times, pain & suffering, they are like corrosive substances that open us, cut us to the core, reveal our basic and true character. How is character made? Nurture, nature, DNA, luck & pluck? Who knows? Another mystery that we live with.

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